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I want to apologise personally to anyone who has bought tickets but will no longer get to see us on tour this year. After months of uncertainty, it finally became clear that continuing Covid restrictions (particularly on venue capacity) in certain countries, would make our Spring European Tour un-viable as planned.

I’ve always been a believer in ‘the show must go on’, and making money is not the only, or the most important, reason I go on tour. But we can’t tour at a loss, and the situation did not look like changing soon enough. It was also the preference of some of our promoters that we postpone until after our US tour. Not ideal, since we weren’t likely to be able to re-schedule every show, and the tour would be pushed into August, a bad time to tour in many parts of Europe. But we’ve managed to re-schedule most of it.

I feel terrible that our supporters in Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal won’t get to see us at all. On the other hand, we’ve been able to re-schedule all the UK, Dutch and Belgian shows, three out of four of the French shows, and have even been able to add a couple in Germany. I’d like to thank my manager David Whitehead and booking agent Mike Dewdney for working so hard to make the best of a difficult situation.

The places we’ve had to miss out this time, will be at the top of the list next time around. Thanks and keep supporting live music!

Joe Jackson


Please Note: Tickets you have already purchased are valid for the rescheduled shows. Refunds will be issued for cancelled shows or on request if anyone is unable to attend a rescheduled show.

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