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"We've been dealing with two viruses over the past two years, and the worst - the one we really need to put behind us - is Fear. Love is the opposite of fear, so if you love live music, come out and support it!"

 J J 


Joe is launching a new tour with the same band as his last, the successful Four Decade Tour of 2019, and his last album Fool: Graham Maby (Bass, Vocals), Teddy Kumpel (Guitar, Vocals) and Doug Yowell (Drums, Vocals, Electronics). The show will feature both the full band and a 'mini-set' of Joe solo. The songs will be drawn from Joe's whole career, including some that haven't been heard live in many years. Watch out also for some surprises, including some completely new material. The tour will take the band to some cities Joe has never played (Saarbrücken, Valencia) or hasn't played for a long time (Bordeaux, Lisbon, Oporto) as well as seven shows in the UK and new venues in Berlin, Paris and other cities'. 

North American dates for 2022 will be announced this Fall.

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